Best Lodging in all of La Moskitia

La Ruta Moskitia offers the newest & finest ecolodges & private cabanas in the entire region, all of which are located in the natural settings that make La Moskitia so unique. Whether it is a cabana by the ocean, in the rainforest, or on the wide-open savannah - our lodging features “rustic luxuries” such as bathroom facilities with showers and flushable toilets, comfortable beds with mosquito netting, hand-woven palm-thatched roofs, and the finest in fresh seafood and local cuisine.

Most Exciting Tour Options

Whether your passion is finding that rare bird to add to your life list, trekking through primary rainforest, kayaking along a translucent river, listening to a Garifuna drumming group, or simply relaxing on a deserted beach…La Ruta Moskitia has the tour for you!

Living Cultures & Authentic Exchange

La Moskitia is home to four distinct indigenous groups (the Miskito, Garifuna, Pech and Tawahka tribes), each with their own unique language and traditions. Because our tours directly involve these local communities, you will find no other tour company that better offers a more authentic exchange with the indigenous cultures of La Moskitia.

Support of Local Communities and Conservation

We support local communities by involving them in 100% of our operations. They will lead you on rainforest hikes, prepare for you excellent local foods, and share with you their distinct way of living. In addition, La Ruta Moskitia directly contributes to local conservation projects in every community you visit, projects that you will learn more about during your stay.

Customer Service

Attention to detail and ensuring customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. We value these concepts because “word-of-mouth” promotion is the best way to attract new clientele, and if you have a marvelous time in La Moskitia, we think you will share that excitement with friends & family.